Monday, January 29, 2007


To keep one scared flame
Through life unchilled,unmoved,
To love in wintry age, the same
As first in youth we loved,
To feel that we adore
Even to fond excess
That through the heart would break with more,
It could not live with less.
-Thomas Moore.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shades of cinnamon deco page. Cinnamon increases your metabolism, and boy do I need that after the holidays. We don't even celebrate Christmas around here and I still manage fluff up quite substantially. Altered and distressed paper layered with script stamps in chestnut brown. Aged further with antique paper ink applied with a baby wipe. Sanded then embossed with copper embossing powder. Her eyes say it all, don't they?

Grungy little deco page. Black and White can be so crisp and perfect looking I just had to mix things up a bit. Altered paper and aging techniques. My Grandpa, the silly man that he is, always gave us kids a hard time when we would hurt ourselves playing. Trying to toughen us up, I guess, he would suggest we rub some dirt into our boo boo to make it feel better. This page reminded me of that.