Thursday, December 18, 2008

The $10 Snow Village

I started with 5 messily painted little village houses I found at WM for $1. I've seen these garish knock off Christmas houses at everywhere this year. Even thrift stores, garage sales and drug stores. I decided to do an all white snow village but the possibilities are endless. How about a pastel pink or blue glittered village for a little girls room? So cute!

To do this project you will need:

Village houses and trees
1 can of grey primer
1 can of flat white or off white paint
small bottle of acrylic white pearl paint (found in the craft paint section)
glitter fine clear or white
Glass glitter such as diamond dust
Faux snow flake
glue to adhere glitter (I used marthas brand)

Prime all pieces let dry, spray each house white and let dry over night. As soon as the paint is nice and cured you can glitter each piece. I dry brushed my houses with some pearl paint before I used the glitter for a little extra depth. Apply the glue in sections and sprinkle with glitter. I did the fine stuff first and then went back with the diamond dust in some sections. Spritz with a watered down aging solution if you want a vintage look. (aging solution can be as simple as burnt umber acrylic paint and water in a spritz bottle, Tattered Angles has a line of glitter mist that have pigments and sparkle. Very cool stuff.) Seal with clear sealant if desired.

The Church was a experiment with aging solution. Now that it is finished I kind of like the vintage looked of it. I will probably go back in and try to duplicate the look with the other pieces. First I need to buy back ups in case the aging project goes awry.

I arranged my snow village in cloches but of course villages look wonderful anywhere and they don't need to cost a fortune to be a lovely addition to your holiday decor.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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Here is a little unfinished holiday cheer from my foyer. I still have an advent calendar garland sitting in my workroom waiting to be strung on the banister. It's a little late for that, don't you think? Oh well, maybe I'll throw it up there today and pretend we've been playing along since Dec. 1.
For the foyer table I re-purposed my wire Halloween tree and wrapped a piece of plywood and a town house cracker box for the faux presents. That was my "green living" move of the week. Sweet eh?

These are actual real gifts I stacked here because I'm sick of my bedroom looking like an elf yakked up.

Tomorrow I'll show you my finished thrifty snow village. Don't forget to join the Holiday fun over at Kimbas.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hey...It's been awhile. I felt so bad abandoning this silly little blog for more than two months I almost gave it up, the whole blogging thing that is. I'm flighty lately and I've kind of retreated into myself a bit after everything that has happened the last few months. It just feels safer I guess.

Well, all it took to put me back in the mood was visiting a few of my favorite blogs, yours. I am so inspired by all of you and your beautiful projects and homes. So here is a little peek at what I have been up to the last few weeks.

I promise to be better about posting here and visiting you all. I also promise to share a fun snow village I am working on made from some serious ugly ceramic houses I found for a dollar, spray paint, glitter and my cloche.

Check back soon!!!