Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Paint!

The new Sherwin Williams Artichoke paint is on the walls and I really love it. It totally changed the whole room! So here is a quick tour. I'm still thinking I will paint the bed and armiore, there is a chandelier to paint and hang and the print for over the bed is on it's way. I'm on the hunt for a new chair for the corner. Lots of little things to finish!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Ugly Art Re-Do and "It Doesn't have to be Perfect to be Beautiful" Challenge ala Nester

So I have been redoing my room. I painted and re-did the "Mis-Treatments" this weekend. I ordered a print for over my bed ( for all of you that guessed in my last post you were all SO WRONG!! hehe! I went with the black and white tulip) so I needed to unify the rest of the art in the room. I'm all about re purposing, sure I love to shop and could have gone out and bought new art, but there is something so much more satisfying about a can of black spray paint 3 dollars worth of scrapbook paper from my stash, imperfect frames and a little elbow grease. Call me weird.

Check out Nesters imperfectly perfect challenge and play along you even get a free blinky out of the deal.

If you don't have a weird thing about having brown paper backing all of your art you can do this too! Heck, if you do have a weird thing about brown paper backing just buy yourself a roll of brown paper and hot glue it to the back of the frames. For me it just takes to long (the extra 5 minutes). If I catch anyone peeking behind the art in my house they are officially no longer my friend. Harsh I know.

So take down your art and rip off the brown paper . It feels like Christmas morning. Promise.

Now lift up all the staples holding the cardboard into place and pop out the glass and all. Take them out to the garage and shoot the empty frames with a couple of coats of your favorite black spray paint. Or brush them if you are a brush girl/guy.

Pop your paper and glass back in and you're in business! For some reason this is incredibly exciting to me. Possibly because I am actually using up some of my horrendously large scrapbook stash. I also like that you can't buy these in the store and that they are far from perfect. The brown paper is no more...

***Click here for info/where to buy the paper I used***

What do you think of the green paint? I love the way it turned out it really warmed up the room. I'll post lots of pictures when I get it all back together.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I decided to buy a new print for the square frame above my bed. has an amazing selection, but if you are anything like me you get overwhelmed with 37 bazillion choices. I narrowed my search by using their advanced search feature. A floral or botanical 28"x28". Ahhh much better, only 3 bazillion choices.

So which do you think I picked to go in my new Black and White Master Bedroom? The black and white tulip or the red tulip with the black and white scrollies?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Have Decorating A.D.D and a Can of Black Spray Paint

and I'm not afraid to use it...

I'm pretty sure I have some sort of decorating disorder. I never stay on task. Yesterday the family room, today my sons room and my room at the same time, tomorrow who knows.

Anyways... I need some help. Not so much for my decorating disorder, but for the two little thrift store 1.99 shelves I hung on either side of my window in my bedroom (another work in progress the bedroom...sigh. Things to Do: pick a color and paint the room, paint the bed, find new art for the frame, paint frame black, find gorgeous and cheap black chandelier to replace fan, new chair for the corner, on and on and on)

What should I put on them? The shelves. Symmetric? Yes? No? Tall? Black or a pop of color? Floral? Wreaths? Tell me! Show me! I bought two orchids but they didn't fit. I'm at a loss.

And while I'm at it I'll show off my Mistreatments I threw together on Sunday, in about an hour with a few yards of black and cream toile, that I still want to fiddle with to make right.

Saturday's yard saleing was a bust. Oh well, there's always next week.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Junk Sale Season

I'm not normally a Yard Sale girl. I have hang ups about it I guess. I rather like the anonymity of thrift stores and the fact everything is in one place, no haggling, yadda yadda. Well I think I may be changing mind mind set.

The area of town called "Old Farm" is having their community yard sale this weekend complete with hot air balloon rides starting Saturday. It's an lovely older established area. I ran over there this morning to see if anything struck my fancy, and boy oh boy did my fancy get struck!

I found this vintage red ladder for my porch. 4.00.

This vintage Tulip quilt 10.00.

and this crock for 3.00.

This was only one sale. I also found a pair of vintage glass lamps with shades of 4.00 and all kinds of other goodies that I will have to post later. Guess where I will be going first thing tomorrow morning.