Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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Here is a little unfinished holiday cheer from my foyer. I still have an advent calendar garland sitting in my workroom waiting to be strung on the banister. It's a little late for that, don't you think? Oh well, maybe I'll throw it up there today and pretend we've been playing along since Dec. 1.
For the foyer table I re-purposed my wire Halloween tree and wrapped a piece of plywood and a town house cracker box for the faux presents. That was my "green living" move of the week. Sweet eh?

These are actual real gifts I stacked here because I'm sick of my bedroom looking like an elf yakked up.

Tomorrow I'll show you my finished thrifty snow village. Don't forget to join the Holiday fun over at Kimbas.


Mom in High Heels said...

Hey, we have a 'B' wall too. Or we will when our stuff gets here Thursday. Yours looks great! Love your decor.

philben5 said...

Hobby Lobby wrapping paper rocks!!!
Thanks for the tour

jenjen said...

I LOVE your stairway with the pictures and initials. SOOOO cute! What wonderful decorations! Have a Merry Christmas!


Caren said...

Looks really cute! The wrapped packages look adorable...I love that paper. Thanks for the tour, have a great holiday.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Elf yak! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, beautiful wall of pictures. I need to get me some of that wrapping paper.

Glad to see you back here in blogland.


Laura B. said...

LOVE your B wall, it's fabulous! The gift wrap too, mind sharing where you got it?

HeathahLee said...

"...an elf yakked up." LOL! That was too funny!

Very cute stuff!

Donna Lynn said...

It was fun to check in with you, love the stairway with the black picture frames and the letters! You did such a nice job. Love the wrapping paper, we don't have a Hobby Lobby up here in the Northwest, wish we did, I see so many wonderful things on the blogs from there.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family, God bless you in the New Year too!
Donna Lynn

Darla~SassyHomemaker said...

CUUUUUTE! You always have the best ideas!

P.S. Did you see I have a new URL? I used to be Ultra Beauty Boutique...now I'm sassy. ;)

JuJu and Family said...

Your home is beautiful!

Sonya said...

I love, love, love the "B" wall and need to steal that idea for a "C" wall...gorgeous decor, thanks for sharing it! Blessings, Sonya