Thursday, April 19, 2007

I worked on a few things today. First, I did this layout about my oldest who is now a hysterically funny, handsome 14 year old. I found this picture in my box and it reminded me how I always dressed him in head to toe Gymboree outfits, with all the crazy patterns and colors. Gosh that was fun. I miss those days. Now I have to pick up his laundry with a pitch fork off his bedroom floor. MAN! My kids grew up way to fast.
I did the title on the layout with my new toy the Cricut. Awesome machine and I have been enjoying the heck out of it.
I also worked on a few more altered felt notebooks to send out to the girls at Two Peas. The RAK list there sure has been fun.
My blog was tagged yesterday by one of my most favorite bloggers and creative goddess extraordinaire. If you haven't been to her blog you should go check her out, she is amazing. So now is the part I go find and tag. This should be fun!


Lis said...

Love the layout!
So hear you on the pitchfork for clothes lol my 14 is the same.
Psst did you hear Tam had a baby boy :)

alteredaimee said...

Baby Boy! Oh I'm so happy to hear he is finally here! If you talk to her give her my love.

Vicki C said...

hey Aimee! Thank for your sweet words. So glad we conected!