Monday, May 05, 2008

Lighter Brighter Misteatments

I admit it. Even though I took out the sewing machine and not the glue gun, these windows are definitely mistreated. I left some of the edges RAW. It looks darn good too! They really brighten and lighten the room. If it wasn't for Nester I would be sitting here with massive guilt about my raw edges. But I like her philosophy of "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." I'm a believer Nester!

Had a hard time getting some good shots because of the glare so I'll take more pictures when I get the rest of the room pulled together. Still have some pillows to sew and things to move around.

Check out this post to see Marie's fabulous Mistreatments.

The red trunk is coming together. I have added a couple of vintage suitcases, a long mirror and a chippy chair. Maybe it needs a lamp?

Hope everyone is having a good Monday. It's nice here and everything is blooming. I love this time of year.


Marie said...

They are BEAUTIFUL! I love the fabrics you chose. I'm so wimpy.. I'm scared to make a color choice. hee hee

Can I move in with you? I need to absorb your cool decorating style- for maybe a week. :o)

fated follies studio said...

aimee, tell me, what is a housefrau? i found your blog and was interested in the word.


Darla said...

I love the mistreatments! I think either a lamp or a tall green plant would be nice on the chest.

Cottage Dreaming said...

Aimee, The curtains are beautiful. I love all the summer touches you have added around your home. Amazing what shaking it up a bit can do. Maybe a fern on the suitcase for softness. I like the lamp idea. Also books add charm. I so enjoy your creativity..those nest are to die for.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty mistreatments. I'm really excited about some fabric I found at Hobby Lobby can't wait to try a mistreatment myself. The trunk and suitcases are way cool. I agree with the other comments a little plant would look great.


Oliver's said...

I just found your blog and I too am a fan of the Nester. She is totally a rockstar in my book. Your style is awesome as well. Enjoyed my visit.


Mrs. B said...

Those turned out beautiful! I bought some fabric this weekend for a mistreatment, but now I'm not sure that it will work in the room. I think a lamp would be very nice. A plant would be cute, but at my house I could never have a plant that close to the ground. The dog and kids would destroy it.

Jo said...

I love your mistreatments! I think I would sew instead of glue too...but then I am the daughter of a seamstress and the granddaughter of a quilter ;-)
Your fabrics are beautiful!