Friday, April 11, 2008

Deal of the Week

I know not everyone is gaga over fringe. But in my book this is like the deal of the century. 30+ yards of yummy fringe.

Look at the little aqua colored vintage looking cotton lace isn't it sweet? And the black and tan bouillon fringe isn't it pretty!

Ooooooo. Yummy...Creamy wonderfulness...Is it weird I get this excited about fringe?

Now for the best part...*Drum roll please*

$1.99 a YARD!!! Yes, more than 90% percent off. I did hold myself back from buying all of it. I kindly left some of the purple and orange stuff for others.


Mrs. Jones said...

Beautiful! I would have been jumping up and down in the store. I love the colors too.


Darla said...

I am wayyyyyyyyyyy jealous!!!

melissa :) said...

omg about the teal lace... paitn me jealous!