Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Springtime Restyle

This room is in desperate need of some fresh springtime restyling. It's the most used room in the house. Usually there are kids and dogs flopped all over the furniture. Food wrappers, soda cans, dog toys, pillows all askew. (Have I mentioned I have teenage boys that don't eat at school because apparently it's not cool, so they come home after school and eat everything in the house? Seriously, I buy a rotisserie chicken for after school snacks. It's like living with cavemen.) If you look closely you can see where our puppy chewed the leg of our ugly comfy chair when our backs were turned. Ugh.

I learned long ago to embrace the chaos, to love the little imperfections and to laugh about it. The day will come when my furniture will be pristine and dog hair free, and the house will be silent. I think I may be a little sad when that day comes. For now I will continue to buy my furniture on sale or from garage sales and vacuum my pillows 3 times a day.

So for my spring restyle I have planned some lighter curtains and pillows. I found some great french stripe fabric and a complimentary floral that will make simple panels to clip onto my existing hardware. With a touch of the "fabulous fringe find" from last month I will definitely be mistreating these windows. What is on them now is tablecloths. Nester would be proud.

I would like to try to slipcover the ugly comfy chair from some matelasse coverlets I have stashed from a super clearance sale. If there is one thing I wish I was good at it would be slipcovers. Tight, couture looking slipcovers with fringe. Yes, that would be rad.

I'll be redoing the little display behind my sofa with some lighter accessories. Oh and the mantle, I didn't take a picture, but it needs redone too. I've also been on a hunt for a piece of furniture that will fit perfectly into the "TV hole". Hard thing to find I have found.

For a little Spring decoration inspiration visit HERE for a fabulous Spring mantle display, HERE for and super sweet family picture display wall and HERE for a darling Springy display bin that I bet you could put together with things from around your house.

So I'm off to go get my hair done and do a little shopping. I'll update my Spring redo later on this week.

Wishing you a happy Spring day!


Blanca said...

This looks like such a comfy room. Love those tin shelves.

I have a teenage daughter who only eats Hot Cheetos for lunch and by the time she gets home she is starving.


Darla said...

TEASE! C'MON give it up!!!

Mrs. B said...

I think your room looks very nice in spite of teenage boys and dogs! Can't wait to see how you spring it up! I'd love to be able to make slipcovers too. I've heard they're very difficult!

Mrs. B said...

I'm back to let you know I have an award for you over at my blog. Come by and accept if you like, but not need to hurry and don't feel obligated.

Jo said...

Hi Aimee. I think this is the first time I've commented here. Your living room looks so comfortable and cozy! I've always wanted one of those large ottoman-coffee-tables.

I have given you an award, so come over to check it out if you like.

Darla said...

I just gave you an award...come see: