Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ugly Art ReDO Part 1

When we moved into our new home I kinda went willy nilly with my art choices trying to get stuff on the walls and make it feel homey. Now as I look around I am like "what was I thinking?"

Lately I have been brainstorming about how to reuse some of this "ugly art."

I love the look of the big ole' chalk boards I see in the Pottery Barn and Ballard catalogs. And I really like the idea of having a message center where my crazy funny boys can write silly fun stuff to each other, and where I can scrawl ( with my less than stellar handwriting) random quotes, shopping lists, weekly menu, to do stuff. You get the idea.

So I thought maybe just maybe I could redo my ugly art with a can of chalkboard paint and a couple of cans of spray paint. I did two coats of chalk board paint, it dried really fast and didn't smell up the house at all. This stuff is really neat!

The project went well last night. I actually made a killer pan of Lasagna in between coats of chalkboard paint and spray painting the frames. I love multitasking.

I will post pictures of the finished message center later on today. It's snowy and blustery here today. A perfect day for some decorating projects!



Shakadal said...
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The Nester said...

Those are gonna turn out so great, I cannot wait to see them!

Susie Harris said...

I found you through Miss Nester (love her). I know how you felt when commenting her. I felt like I had hit the lottery when She sent little ole me a comment.Your house looks dreamy. I cant wait to see how great your memo boards come out. Hope to see pictures! Nice meeting you,a fellow Nester friend :).... Susie H

Donna Lynn said...

Hi, wonderful idea for your wall! I just finished up a chalk board too, I am going to use mine to write a new French word each day, I have no memory for other languages so maybe this will help out! Great job on your blog.
Donna Lynn

Donna Lynn said...

la vie en rose, translation:
Life in Pink, or Life in the Roses! That is my most favorite French saying, it fits me to a T! If you could see all my pink clothes and roses in this house, OH MY!
Donna Lynn

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Another creative blogger. I crack up how we all change our homes so much! I love the idea, now if you can just keep the silly words from appearing LOl

Mrs. Jones said...

What a great project! I'm dying right now because I had some ugly art that I kept hanging on to (because I knew I could do something cool with it), but finally talked myself into decluttering. :-(