Thursday, April 03, 2008

This is my dining room. Have we ever eaten in here? No. Unless you consider walking through the dining room with a mouth full of Cheerios on your way to put in another load of laundry, "eating in the dining room." I use the space mostly for playing with decorating ideas. I call it the "Lab".

I almost painted it red last month. Thank goodness I was to chicken to actually do it. The paint cans and brushes sat on the table mocking me and calling out to me "do it already will ya!!" for at least 3 weeks. I finally had enough and put them away and decided a nice tone of Latte would be better.

Yesterday, I did a display for the buffet that has been painted umpteen times. It didn't turn out as Springish (is that a word?) as I wanted. But I tend to collect things that are a little on the rustic dark side. My favorite color is red, I can't wear it so use it a lot in my house. I probably need a red intervention. Maybe.


Vicki C said...

Hey AMY!!! I have stopped by many times, and wonders if you had completely vanished? lol SOOO glad to hear from you! And you home looks SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

The Nester said...

Loving your lab! Very nice work, you are making me want to use my candles all together in a big ole clump! You have a great eye! And are a fab writer!

Anonymous said...

I found you through the nester also, I love the Ugly Art Redo, so great! Am wondering about all your "B"s...that is our family name initial also - will you show what you do with them???