Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Little JUnKiN

I did a little Spring decor shopping today at my favorite HUGE junk shop. I could spend days in there and never come out. They have vending machines. A girl can survive on Snickers Diet Coke and shopping for at least 3 days right?

Anyways, I found 2 cute little bird cages a sweet lopsided urn with moss and a darling nest. I'll be restyling the shelves in the family room this week with Springish stuff.

On a sad note we have 2 wild fires burning to the east of us today, the winds are making the situation very dangerous. People are being evacuated, homes threatened, people can't get home to get their pets because highway 96 is closed. Please keep my friends and neighbors in your prayers tonight.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful finds! I have a couple of urns that I bought on clearence at Target that I have yet to find a spot for.

And fires are such a scary thought. I hope the winds die down and fires get under control.

Best wishes,

Marie said...

NO. WAY! GREAT finds!

Be careful with those fires!

Mrs. B said...

Hi there! I love your "junk" finds! I never pass up an urn! And I've really been wanting to find one of those bird cages. Too cute!

Wildfires are scary. We're in California where they are an annual problem. It seems early in the season, hope that's not a sign of things to come! Stay safe!

Marie said...

I put a link to your blog in my latest post...hope that's okay! It's only because I am obsessed with your family photo wall. :o)

Chris said...

Hi there. Marie loves your wall of pictures and so. do. I. You've done some really cute things, and I enjoyed looking at everything. I'll be back for sure! Chris